Our Philosophy

Beautiful design, comfort, quality and safety at sea, values we assume every owner requires for themselves and for their families.

Story of Our Company

The Origin of The Idea

Drawing construction

Boat manufacture


The Origin of The Idea

We create unique boat configurations, including power drive. Our masters have huge expiriense in mounting auxiliary systems. Besides to sales of aluminum boats, the company offers a complete range of services.

Drawing construction

Working on the development of the design conception, we headed for modern architecture, taking the highly qualified and experienced engineers team in. This allowed us to implement a unique well-balanced project filled in with technical solutions, innovative technologies, and advanced modern design.

Boat manufacture

The art of working with aluminum is what inspires us. Modern technologies and production materials, together with concern about the environment, have allowed us to build an excellent-in-its-characteristics safe boat.


The first and foremost priority of our work now and always is a thorough check of all Jaktar systems, and abilities all the way from the boat leaving the shipyard to the first joint test with a customer.

Learn Details

OveraLL Length (excL. Engine)

9 m


2,55 m


2,95 m

Weight (excL. Engine)

2840 kg

FueL capacity

650 L


8 persons



Speed range

32–51 kts

Outboard engines

2х225–2х300 hp

Overall Length (excl. Engine)

7,6 m


2,45 m


2,85 m

Weight (excl. Engine)

1600 kg

Fuel capacity

450 l


6 persons



Speed range

32–46 kts

Outboard engines

258 Kw

Boat price

€ 35700.00 w/o VAT

We Provide Stability & Control

We transform heavy-gauge, marine-grade aluminum into flowing, all-welded designs, capable of navigating wandering rivers, heaving oceans or wind-whipped reservoirs.

Ultimately stable and predictable ride

Well balanced spray system

Responsive high speed running behavior

Innovations For Comfort

Designed using innovative technologies based on one principle - to give you everything you need for more enjoyable boating.

The forfoot shape is allow high speed turns never biting water

Twin or single engine installation option

Seat back engine bracket to enhance control and maximize speed

We Guarantee Power & Strength

All boat elements interact to give you the power, the commanding presence, the no-compromise design required to provide world-class.

The best visibility in class

Legally trailerable

Modern 90 degree stability efficient side shape design


We Pay Attention to Details

Designed with innovative technology based on a simple concept – to give you everything you need for more enjoyable boating.

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